Cake ChoicesChocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla-Almond, Marble, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Champagne, Lemon, Almond, Coconut, Chai, Carrot, Earl Grey, Banana, Red Velvet, Funfetti


Gluten Free Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Almond, Marble, Vanilla Chocolate Chip (gluten free cakes are subject to a 20% upcharge)


Buttercream Choices: Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Almond, Mocha, Coconut, Lavender, Passion fruit, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Salted Caramel

(these can be fillings as well)

Fillings: Vanilla pastry cream, Raspberry Compote, Strawberry Compote, Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Curd, Lime Curd, Coconut-Pecan, Peach Compote, Blueberry Compote, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Cookie Dough, Chocolate or White Chocolate Ganache



Popular combinations:

Peaches and Cream vanilla cake, peach compote filling, brown sugar buttercream
Lemon Raspberry Champagne lemon cake, raspberry compote filling with champagne buttercream
Triple Chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream topped with mini chocolate chips
Chocolate Mocha chocolate cake with fresh mocha buttercream
Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream filling (chocolate ganache filling option), vanilla buttercream
Peanut Butter chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream
Cookies and Cream chocolate cake with crushed Oreo Buttercream
Banana Fosters vanilla cake, banana rum compote filling, vanilla buttercream
Strawberry Cream vanilla-almond cake, strawberry compote filling, strawberry buttercream
White Chocolate Raspberry vanilla-almond cake fresh raspberry compote filling, raspberry buttercream and white chocolate shavings

Key Lime Pie vanilla cake, lime curd filling, vanilla buttercream topped with graham cracker crumble
German Chocolate chocolate cake with gooey coconut-pecan icing
Carrot cake with fresh shredded carrots, raisins, cream cheese buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream
Burnt Almond almond cake, vanilla pastry cream filling, almond buttercream, finished with toasted almonds
Salted Caramel chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, salted caramel buttercream
Coconut coconut-almond cake with toasted coconut buttercream
Pumpkin Spice Latte pumpkin spice cake with mocha buttercream
Chocolate Peppermint chocolate cake, peppermint buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream topped with candy cane pieces





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